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Hormone Therapy

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Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances affect every area of your life. When your hormones are off, your entire being suffers. Mentally, you may feel foggy. Physically, you may lack the energy you need. Emotionally, you may feel like you’re on a roller coaster. At Advanced Medical RX, we offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, also known as BHRT, which can help balance your hormones so that you can feel balanced in every area of your life.
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What Is BHRT and How Does it Work?

This hormone treatment uses plant-based hormones that are identical matches to the hormones that are produced by the body. Instead of using creams, injections, or oral tablets, Pellecome uses pellets that are inserted into the body for optimal hormone balancing.

These pellets release consistent levels of hormones over time and do not cause the same type of hormonal fluctuations that are often associated with other forms of hormonal therapy.

Pellecome pellets are inserted into the body to help regulate hormones. The treatment area will be numbed, and then a scalpel will be used to make a small incision into the skin so that the pellets can be inserted just below the surface of the skin. Once inserted, the pellets deliver hormones in low dosages that mirror that which the body does.

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What are the Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance?

A tell-tale sign that you may be experiencing a hormonal imbalance is that you just don’t feel like yourself anymore. Something doesn’t feel right, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is. The hormonal system is extremely delicate. When something is off, it can affect every other bodily system. You may have certain symptoms that are directly related to your hormones, but you would never guess it on your own because to you, it may seem completely unrelated.


Brain Fog
Memory Changes
Poor Sleep
Decreased Libido
Hot Flashes/ Night Sweats
Anxiety and Depression
Weight Gain
Poor Skin Conditions
Vaginal Atrophy

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits associated with this treatment. The primary benefit is that you won’t have to think about your hormone levels. You won’t have to apply creams, administer injections, or take pills on a daily or weekly basis. Once you undergo treatment at our office, you won’t have to think about your hormonal levels for months at a time. Once it is time for another treatment, we will contact you to set up an appointment. It’s mindless, simple, and effective.

Additionally, BHRT will help you feel level, which is the goal. You won’t feel hormone surges, and you won’t feel hormone drops. Your hormones will remain level while you are on this form BHRT. Your body will determine what you need when you need it. It’s simple, effective, and it delivers results that can’t be matched by other forms of treatment.

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Benefits For Men

Increased Energy
Better quality Sleep
Migraine Relief
Increase in Muscle Mass, Tone, and Bone Density
Depression and Anxiety Relief
Fat Loss
Better Skin
Higher Libido
Increased Physical Energy
Lower Risk of Blood Clots and Strokes
Improved Energy and Mood

Benefits For Women

Increased Blood Flow to the Brain
Less Distracted Feelings
Natural Antioxidant Protection
Improved Memory
Improved Function of Brain Cells
Increased Collagen and Elastin Production
Improved Appearance of the Skin
Improved Vaginal Functioning
Fat Loss in Areas Previously Defined by Fatty Tissue
Improved Libido
Improved Physical Energy

Take the Next Step

You don’t have to live with a hormonal imbalance. There is a solution, and it is well within your reach. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy can quite literally change your life. When you choose this treatment, you will feel rejuvenated and will be able to live your best life, regardless of your numerical age.

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